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Getting The Best Results Of Your Airbrush Tan

Prepare for your tan ~ Your skin needs to be clean and free of any oil based products. Exfoliating prior to your tan with a water based product is highly recommended. Any oil based products such as body wash, make-up, or deodorant will inhibit your tan from adhering to your skin. You will want to wear dark, loose fitting clothing to your appointment and for about 6 hours following your spray tan.

Immediately following your tan ~ The DHA (which is the ingredient that makes you tan and has been FDA approved for over 30 years) develops over the next 6 hours. During this time you will want to stay cool, refrain from sweating or doing anything where you could get wet. Some examples; no dribbling from your water bottle or whatever you are drinking, don't let pets lick you, don't do dishes, don't allow babies to spit up on you, don't go out in the rain and this one is going to make you laugh but do not pee down your leg. You're getting the idea, right?

Caring for and prolonging your tan ~ When it's time to shower, refrain from using harsh body scrubbers, poofs and loofas, just use your hand and favorite body wash and gently pat yourself dry. Follow each shower with your favorite lotion (NOT OILS, they can streak our tans). It's that easy!